Harman Kardon
Citation 16(A) Power Amplifier


Restoration & audio upgrading of the classic Harman Kardon Citation 16/16A stereo power amplifier is available.  I have used one of these rugged amplifiers in my own system for over 25 years without trouble.  This is a testament to their durability and good design philosophy.  Harman Kardon emphasized an extended frequency response in the Citation 16 along with its true dual mono design with two completely independent power supplies.  The dual differential input stage is followed by a symmetrical complementary Class A driver and a quasi-complementary bipolar output stage.  Restoration service includes a comprehensive rebuild of the amplifier using premium audio grade parts.  For highest performance sound, it is essential that the highest quality audio grade parts be used otherwise ultimate sound quality will be compromisedWe offer what we feel is the most comprehensive upgrade and restoration available today.  Your amplifier will sound and perform better than when it was new! 

As part of our audio upgrade process, we will: 

  • Rebuild driver boards with high quality audio grade capacitors and low noise metal film resistors for greater musical clarity and thermal stability. Special attention is given to the feedback loop,  additional bypassing along with improved input circuitry. 
  • Replace main power supply filter capacitors with higher capacitance and low ESR type to improve power reserves for handling demanding musical passages.
  • Main power supply receives soft recovery bridge rectifiers for drastically reduced switching noise resulting in a quieter background. 
  • Add bypass capacitors in main power supply.  
  • Check and adjust bias, DC offset.  




  Non-working amplifiers sent in for modification will incur additional repair charges.   


Manufacturer's specifications: 150 watts RMS minimum per channel into 8 ohms at less than .05% THD; Frequency response: .5 Hz (4 Hz for A) ~ 120 kHz +0/-3dB; S/N ratio: >100dB; Damping factor: >300. 

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